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Well, it was a perfect day to be outdoors today. Our quilt guild, Quilters at Heart, had a quilt frame set up under the shade trees at Postville Courthouse for their annual 1800’s Craft Fair. We were working on a quilt obtained at an auction by one of our members. It is a hand-pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden. We don’t know who made it or how old it is. Maybe one of you quilt bloggers can date it by looking at the picture I took. If any of you has an idea please leave a comment or email me at darlayow@gmail.com.

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Grandmothers Flower Garden

Our quilt frame was set up near some of the musicians. (You can see the quilters in the distance behind the banjo-players hat) It was hard to sit still. The music was lively and I wanted to do a jig! (If only….)

A little boy stirs a bubbling pot of apple butter over an open fire. M-m-m-m.

There were rug weavers, one with a loom, one with an old wagon wheel!

An old treadle sewing machine, and a teepee with a fire burning inside.

A blacksmith was busy with his wares. And, as you can see, Abe Lincoln stopped by to watch. Actually, the real Abe Lincoln frequented the Postville Courthouse because he was a lawyer for the 8th Circuit here. He rode here on horseback to try cases.

A wood-carver stopped his work so I could snap his picture.

In the picture above a woman is spinning yarn. Below a man proudly shows his hand-dyed yarns; the dyes are all from natural products cooked over an open fire. One of the cauldrons had cedar brewing for a brown hue. Those yarns were a feast for the eyes.

Such a lovely display of herbs and vinegars. The herb lady graciously let me take her picture. She holds up a bowl of fragrant herbs.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The smells and sounds, the happy children, and QUILTING! It just doesn’t get any better. 🙂

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