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We really surprised Mom yesterday for her 85th. She was so thrilled to see all of us gathered together in the dining room at Auburn Creek in Cape Girardeau, MO. I am still in Cape on a hotel computer so I will have to wait till I get home to post pics. Family members there were:

  • Pat & Tim
  • Mark & Christy
  • Jack & Deb
  • Moi
  • Cousin Donna
  • Cousin Glenda Kay
  • Aunt Bessie
  • My eldest son Kevin and girlfriend Becca
  • George & Deann, Brandon and TJ
  • Derek & Corie, due in February with the only male child to carry on the family name (no pressure Corie 😉 They had picutres of the sonograms!!
  • My good buddy from school days, Patty

We had a lovely decorated cake that Tim swore he baked yeterday morning. Of course we all believed him (NOT). There were flowers and gifts and a room full of laughing, screaming people (as is usual with our get-togethers)

Many thanks to my sis-in-law, Christy, for orchestrating all this.

After the party some of us went on the usual tour of visiting some of the old neighborhoods and going down to the river front and out to Cape Rock. We didn’t make it to Trail of Tears. Maybe next time. There were lots of pictures taken so hopefully we will be seeing more of this beautiful trip.

Gotta go! I found out moments ago that this computer times out after  a certain amount of time ARGHHHH!

Love to all


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