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Please note that the opinions expressed in this post are  not necessarily the opinions of the CI912P

I am an Assistant Organizer for the Central Illinois 9/12 project. The mission and focus of the CI912P is to educate our fellow Americans, our children, neighbors and friends on the principles and values upon which the United States of America was founded. We do this by forming small study groups, mostly in people’s living rooms, for the purpose of studying the Constitution, Declaration of Independence,the lives and writings of the founding fathers, along with the history that most of us did not learn in school. These studies are not boring memorizations of dates and places which put people to sleep. The material we use is documented fact, not “revised” history which is being taught in our schools. Much of the US History that I was taught was unsubstantiated opinion, partial truth, or just plain lies in some cases.

Besides the small study groups, we also have committees which focus on particular subjects, such as Prayer, Education, Constitutional Watchdog activities, Voter information, and more.

OK now I have told you who we are. I need to VERY BLUNTLY now tell you who we ARE NOT!

  1. WE ARE NOT A TEA PARTY. I have said this repeatedly for the last year and a half but, somehow, people don’t get it. I don’t know how to get this point across. But let me try.
  2. WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL ACTION GROUP. We do not endorse candidates period. There are many reasons for this decision which I may write about at another time but not in this post.

The history of the 9/12 Project:

  • In March of 2009, Glenn Beck proposed the 9/12 Project based on the 9 principles and 12 values which are listed on our website here>>>>
  • The mission was to try to go back to the way we, as Americans, acted on 9/12/2001 – the day after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.
  • Glenn made it clear that this was OUR project, not his. He just proposed it, then left it up to individuals to act on it. He does not, in any way, manage the activities of any of the 9/12 Projects which sprung up as a result of his proposal.
  • The Central Illinois 9/12 Project had its beginnings in March 2009 on the same day that Glenn made his announcement on Fox News. There was standing room only in the Route 66 Hotel in Springfield IL that day at 4:00 PM – literally hundreds of people were there, some standing in the hall because we were elbow to elbow.

The history of the Tea Party Movement:

  • A detailed history of exactly what happened and when it happened is documented on Michelle Malkin’s Blog here>>>
  • Probably the most well-known event in the beginning of the movement was Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC on Feb 19, 2009

Please understand that although these movements had their beginnings at approximately the same time, they were in no way connected. I think this is where the confusion comes in. We, in the CI912P, made a decision not to be a protest group even though we certainly don’t agree with many of the actions of our government now or in the past. The Tea Parties are protest groups.

Do we believe that protesting is wrong? No.

Have many of our members (including myself) attended tea party events? Yes.

Do we have goals in common with the Tea Party movement? Yes.

Even though some of our goals are the same as the Tea Party, our method for reaching those goals is totally different. Let me point out some of the differences (besides the protest aspect) : *Disclaimer: I am not a Tea Party member per se so these points are strictly from my own viewpoint.

  • Tea Parties are large gatherings usually on sidewalks or streets, sometimes in large venues.
  • CI912P study group meetings are usually anywhere from 5 – 10 people who meet in people’s homes.
  • Tea Parties often gather in support of a particular political candidate.
  • CI912P never hosts an event for one particular political candidate. We do host events for multiple candidates to interact with us (in a Town Hall-type setting) and answer our questions so that we understand their principles and values (or lack thereof:) Individual members decide which candidate best represents their personal values. Individual members of CI912P may endorse & campaign for the candidate of their choice BUT it is their personal decision and they are not to use our name in that endeavor.
  • Tea Parties tend to try to address the ISSUES (.ie 2nd amendment, taxes, etc.) by petitioning Congress and also by protest.
  • Although the CI912P is also concerned about the issues, that is not our focus. I am not saying that we don’t also call Washington, write letters, etc but our main focus is on EDUCATION not ACTIVISM. We believe that when the American people are educated on the founding principles of this country, they will be able to address the issues in a more effective way.
  • Some of the Tea Party leaders and members seem to me to be motivated by anger.
  • I, personally, have decided not to let anger be my motivation. Determination, yes. Anger, no.

This post is only addressing the CENTRAL ILLINOIS 9/12 PROJECT. There are other 9/12 groups in Illinois and also in other states who have decided to use a different plan than we have used. They want to be very politically active and that is their decision, since the 9/12 groups are not led from the top down but rather from the bottom up. The CI912P does have officers but we submit to each other and come to a consensus on matters where we differ. Anyone can start a 9/12 Group…..this is America and we are glad that we have the freedom to do so. But we are not all the same. Like America, we are a melting pot.

I do not believe that rallies alone will bring our country back to its true heritage. As Glenn Beck often says, we ourselves must change – each one of us needs to examine our own lives and make the changes necessary to be a person of honor, even if others do not. And the key to our success is education. I doubt that I will see the changes needed in my lifetime, but I hope that our children may see it. If we don’t educate them, they will stay in the dark just as we baby-boomers have; and now we see what has quietly but effectively eroded our foundation while we lived our lives thinking everything was going to be just fine. We have been awakened and now we see that our foundation is in ruins. The foundation must be repaired in order to bear the weight of a true republic.

Now, for my last point and actually the most important one. If the Christians in this country do not cry out to God for help and mercy, we are most certainly on our way to the end of freedom as we have known it all our lives. God is our true hope, not earthly government, no matter how honorable and perfectly set up. As a Christian, I do not trust in America to be my Savior. My Savior is Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God. If we fail, even if all is lost, He will not abandon me. I will cling to Him and the truths of the faith and trust that it will be well with my soul.

I believe that our constitution is based on God’s law; therefore, I will work to do my small part to restore what I can. But, come what may, in the end it will be God’s will, not mine, that will be done.

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Yesterday morning was one of those days! My post for today is a copy of my email to my cohorts in crime, the Central Illinois 9/12 Project Watchdogs:

Just so you know guys, I am at the visitor center due to the fact that we have no wi-fi in our expensive resort condo here, even though my brother paid $100 a week for it…..grrrrrr! Of all the mornings to have no internet connection! So I had to drag my lazy butt out to this remote location to see what happened last night. I crashed at 8:30 last night. Man, I couldn’t wait to read whatever a certain anon watchdog dug up while I was sleeping. I was not disappointed when I finally got to my email…thanks and WOW!

I must tell you though that it was no easy task to get to this email this am. Even on a good day here I can’t get a signal in my room. I have to go to my brother’s room which means I must get a key to his room before going to bed. So this morning key in hand I go in very very early. My brother and sis-in-law are still sleeping of course. I fire up the laptop and “no internet connection available” appears. I think this can’t be true so i go thru the usual routine of troubleshooting all to no avail. So I call the front desk, they say they will connect me to tech support. I am ready to give them a piece of my already too small mind when I hear a fax machine screaming in my ear. I hang up, call the front desk back. A different person answers of course. I explain, she puts me on hold, then comes back with an 800 # for me. Fine, now I can give them whatfor. I dial the 800 number, guess what? another fax machine! I am not happy. I call the front desk for the 3rd time….did I mention that I am extremely persistent? Yet another person answers (do they have a full room of phone answerers at 6 am?) She puts me on hold, comes back and says someone will have to reset the internet connection. But only a manager can do that and he won’t be in till 9…..oh my, I think steam came out of my head.  So then she tells me I can come to the visitor center and use the internet. I said great but that won’t do me any good b/c I can’t use my laptop there. She says yes you can. Just come to the front desk and ask for a wire.

So then all I have to do is GET DRESSED, wake my brother and wife up at 6 am to get the keys to the van, pack up all my medical needs and my computer and drive down to the visitor center. OK, so I do that. I am in such a hurry so I skip the shower and the all important CUP OF STARBUCKS. I drive down, go to the front desk where all the people I just talked to plus a few more are standing there watching me drag my extremely heavy bag up to the desk. I say in a not too nice voice “I need a wire”. So then we must go through the red tape of filling out the proper form of course. They give me a cable, then tell me I must go outside (where, by the way it is raining) then follow the sidewalk and go back in a door, get on an elevator and go to the second floor. That’s easy right.

They forgot to tell me that there is more than one door. Eeny, meeny, miny mo. Here comes a housekeeper, I ask her. She says I have to go around the corner to another door, then use my room key to open the door, take the elevator to second floor. I do that. Find the room with only one dirty old man in it on the computer. Did I say that out loud?

I unload the laptop, only to discover that I FORGOT MY MOUSE. Ugh. So then I try to rob a mouse from one of the other computers. The problem is the mouse is hardwired in to the keyboard. In my not too calm state of mind, I just unplug the entire keyboard from the other computer, then discover that my notebook does not have the correct port to plug it in to. So, put the other computer back together. Then start looking for the port to plug into the net. About this time a couple comes in, sees me in the floor with wires all around me and says “You can just plug in over here”.

from google images - not really me - I look a lot worse!

There is a port right on the wall! I feel like a total idiot but am so thankful that they rescued me. I was just about to have a mental melt-down with only a dirty old man to assist me! Ok, he might not have been a dirty old man but I was just in the mood to accuse anyone of anything at this point.

again, not really my dirty old man

again, not really "my" dirty old man

I plug in and still don’t have a connection. Why am I not surprised? Then the nice couple told me I had plugged in to the only port that did not work. I am really batting 100 today. So I change ports and now here I am…on line at last. Oh what joy! So….

thats my story and I’m stickin with it and you guys were the lucky ones that I had to vent to today. I feel better now.
Well, now I can go back and brew that much-needed cup of Starbucks and maybe even take a shower (as I said, I couldn’t wait to get my fix). These poor people in this computer room have to deal with my lack of grooming.

It’s 9 now so maybe the manager has plugged in that loose connection by now….Will be in touch and it will be shorter next time, I promise.

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Last fall my buddy Jill asked me to make a baby quilt and some baby toys for her soon-to-be-born great nephew. It is finished and delivered to the parents. Jill sent me some pics of them receiving the gifts.

Here are some pics:

Steph and Dennis opening quilt

Steph and Dennis opening quilt

Dennis, Steph, and Aunt Jill

Dennis, Steph, and Aunt Jill

And here are some more pics with details: (click on the pics for a larger image)


And here are some pics of the fabric book and the baby blocks:

Steph and her Aunt Jill

Steph and her Aunt Jill

baby blocks

baby blocks



I had a ball making this quilt and was so pleased with the finished product. It went with me from Illinois, through Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida and all the way back again. Jill lives in West Virginia so upon completion it was shipped to her. The baby will be living in South Carolina so this quilt has quite a travelling history so far. After they received the quilt I got an email from Jill that blessed my socks off! Here is an excerpt:

“what a stir the “Royal Quit” caused at the baby shower! She said everyone loved it and the toys. She said they finally had to put it away for everyone keep rubbing it and saying how soft and many wanted to just rub it on their face and she wasn’t letting any makeup get on it…LOL..So they passed it around one time and everyone loved the materisl and one older lady she teaches with is a quilter and actually got a measuring tape out of her purse and announced the amount of stitches per inch on average and said “This was done by a real quilter! She knew what she was doing!” So you were the talk of the shower. The older lady had also made material toys before but have never thought of putting bells in the blocks but said they would have them from now on!…So Joy finally took it back to her laundrry room behind her kitchen and when she went in to get coffee refills 2 of the ladies were back there looking at it again!…So I think you can rest assured you actually did make the Royal Quilt!…Joy is buying all the things for the nursey she is setting up in her house after she ges down there in the colors to match the quilt. She is going to be the official baby sitter when Steph goes back to work after her 6 weeks off so she is setting up a complete nursery in her house too and evrything is now going to be done in the quilt colors with a bunny theme!…So ya done good!..Way more than good!..Thank ye, Thank ye, Thank ye!!……Jill”

It was my pleasure, Jill. Can’t wait to see that baby!

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Long Time No Post

I am trying to get back to normal. Well, I have kidney stones. And I  had to go to the ER over  the weekend for IV fluids due to a nasty stomach flu. Tomorrow I go to the urologist to find out what we will do about the kidney stones.

On a happier note, I shipped the royal quilt to West Virginia today. Can’t wait to hear what they think of it. After they see it I will post pictures of the finished quilt on here. I was so in love with that quilt, it was hard to part with it.

My son is going to make me a super-duper website to sell my purses. Of course I will post a link here when it is up and running.

Gotta go to bed. Night night.

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I arrived home Sunday night to the deep freeze that is Lincoln, Illinois. Got unpacked – went straight to bed.

Monday – spent the day going grocery shopping since I had, of course, let all the food run out before I left. Also had a tall stack of mail to go through and bills to pay. Still not over this infection so I was not operating at my normal slow pace….I was carrying groceries in the freezing wind and grunting all the way. And driving with 2 layers of clothes, a heavy coat, giant scarf, ear muffs and gloves is a real trick for me since I have very little sensation anyway because of the MS. You know how when backing up your vehicle you must turn your head and look behind you? I have to turn my entire upper body because of the many layers around my neck….and did I mention that my neck hurts? In fact now that I am back to being partially frozen there aren’t very many parts of my body that don’t hurt. Woe is me!

Tuesday – travelled to Peoria IL (an hour away) to see my urologist since I have had this infection since the 3rd of January and been through 2 antibiotics so far. Seems I have a bacteria that is normally contracted in nursing homes or hospitals. I haven’t been in either lately. The only other possibility is kidney stones. So now I have to go back Wednesday for a CT scan of my kidneys. While at the doctor’s office, they gave me a shot of some super-duper antibiotic. YAY! Oh, forgot to mention that my refrigerator went on the fritz this am, with all my groceries for the month of February in it! But, Tom the maintenance man saved the day and fixed it while I was in Peoria. Bless that man.

Today, Wednesday – finally blogging but not for long. It is almost 10:00 and I have to leave for Peoria again to get that CT scan. Temp was 5 this morning. Brrrrrrrr!! It is supposed to get up to freezing tomorrow I think. It will feel like a heat wave 😉

Will eventually post pictures of our trip – I didn’t take too many – mostly took pictures of the quilts my sister-in-law and I were working on.

Love you all,


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On the Way Back Home

We packed up at 8:30 this morning and left Orlando. I am posting from a Country Inn at Manchester TN. We will spend the night here then travel to Charleston IL tomorrow. I will be going back to Lincoln on Sunday.

I am really tired so g’night.

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You know who you are…leaving me all those “shut up” comments :0

You can calm down now….we only have 2 more days of getting out in this glorious sun. Friday is check-out day. We will be travelling Friday and Saturday. Back to the bone-freezing mid-west. I will probably be back in Lincoln on Sunday sometime.

I am trying to figure out a way to stay here but all the ways I have thought of require money, which I have little of. So, I guess there’s no choice since I can’t be gainfully employed with my health issues.

Seriously, I do love it here, but I NEED to get back to my church. I miss everyone so much and I especially am in need of the eucharist….the medicine of immortality. And I ache to participate in the worship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with my brothers and sisters at Holy Resurrection Church in Lincoln, IL. (maybe I can talk all of them into moving South…..I doubt it )

The baby quilt I am working on is almost all quilted! It is so beautiful. I have probably told you that before maybe a few hundred times. It should be complete by the time I get back to Lincoln. I will have to sew on the binding after I get home since it is best to use the sewing machine for that. Which brings me to another thing I am looking forward to at home….my Featherweight sewing machine. Is it a sin to miss your sewing machine? If so, then I am guilty.

That brings to mind something else I miss—my OWN COMPUTER! It will be so nice to be able to sit down and blog or email or surf without having to drag the computer to a club house to get a signal, then wait about 10 minutes trying to bring up a browser. It causes one to hesitate to even bother. The troubles of the travelling blogger are many, including forgetting the cord to upload pictures of the paradise I am sitting in. But I will endure 😉

Well, I need to get back to the condo, get into my swimming suit and get in that pool……EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT you nay sayers…..you know who you are! See you soon in the tundra!

Love you all,


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