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It has been a long time since I have posted here. During the last 4 months many things have changed, some sorrowful, some joyful.

My mother, Mary Maupin, passed away on Dec 18th, 2010, after an extended illness. I am happy for her, but sad for me. We have spoken by phone practically every day for many years. I will miss those conversations. I was by her side when she passed. So were my siblings and many of her grandchildren. She knew we were there and that she was loved. We knew that she loved us. That knowledge is a wonderful comfort.

My brother and sister-in-law took me with them for an extended vacation to Florida. We spent the entire month of January in the “Sunshine State”. It was pretty close to being in heaven I think. It was warm,I went swimming,  I got a tan. What else could I need?

Thanks to Facebook and my brother, I had a glorious reunion with my good buddy from junior high (Kathy Roberts Alderman) who now lives in Florida (she was smarter than me, obviously, since she escaped the tundra). We had not seen each other for 40 yrs! We had such a wonderful time together, reminiscing and catching up. I stayed with Kathy and her husband, Russ, for a couple of days (not nearly long enough). We laughed and cried, and ate some great food that Russ cooked. I look forward to seeing them again, hopefully next year.

I am back home in the deep freeze that is Central Illinois. It was -5 degrees here this morning. My plan is to stay inside where it is warm as much as possible until the spring thaw – about April or May. I will be quilting and drinking coffee, and blogging about random things.


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Last fall my buddy Jill asked me to make a baby quilt and some baby toys for her soon-to-be-born great nephew. It is finished and delivered to the parents. Jill sent me some pics of them receiving the gifts.

Here are some pics:

Steph and Dennis opening quilt

Steph and Dennis opening quilt

Dennis, Steph, and Aunt Jill

Dennis, Steph, and Aunt Jill

And here are some more pics with details: (click on the pics for a larger image)


And here are some pics of the fabric book and the baby blocks:

Steph and her Aunt Jill

baby blocks baby blocks



I had a ball making this quilt and was so pleased with the finished product. It went with me from Illinois, through Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida and all the way back again. Jill lives in West Virginia so upon completion it was shipped to her. The baby will be living in South Carolina so this quilt has quite a travelling history so far. After they received the quilt I got an email from Jill that blessed my socks off! Here is an excerpt:

“what a stir the “Royal Quit” caused at the baby shower! She said everyone loved it and the toys. She said they finally had to put it away for everyone keep rubbing it and saying how soft and many wanted to just rub it on their face and she wasn’t letting any makeup get on it…LOL..So they passed it around one time and everyone loved the materisl and one older lady she teaches with is a quilter and actually got a measuring tape out of her purse and announced the amount of stitches per inch on average and said “This was done by a real quilter! She knew what she was doing!” So you were the talk of the shower. The older lady had also made material toys before but have never thought of putting bells in the blocks but said they would have them from now on!…So Joy finally took it back to her laundrry room behind her kitchen and when she went in to get coffee refills 2 of the ladies were back there looking at it again!…So I think you can rest assured you actually did make the Royal Quilt!…Joy is buying all the things for the nursey she is setting up in her house after she ges down there in the colors to match the quilt. She is going to be the official baby sitter when Steph goes back to work after her 6 weeks off so she is setting up a complete nursery in her house too and evrything is now going to be done in the quilt colors with a bunny theme!…So ya done good!..Way more than good!..Thank ye, Thank ye, Thank ye!!……Jill”

It was my pleasure, Jill. Can’t wait to see that baby!

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* Fat Quarter Scrappysak Bag Pattern

** Snowman Wallhanging

*** Pattern for fabric basket

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