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I had all good intentions of getting an early start on doing some cleaning today, then quilting on the queen-sized white on white that I have been working on off & on for oh……about 10 yrs or so.

But it is raining, and thundering. For some reason, when it rains and thunders my butt just can’t seem to get in gear. I think it is psychological……or psychotic? One or the other.

Besides, it is Saturday morning. There’s another good excuse for getting nothing done.

I woke up at 5 AM for no good reason. Watched a little tv, checked on Caleb Brown’s status on Facebook. (2 yr old critically injured in a hiking accident last Saturday). Prayers offered up for him, then back to sleep.

My phone rang around 8. It was Lakeisha (dear friend of the family who helps take care of my mother). She said that Mom was being taken to the hospital and that she (Lakeisha) was going up there to be with her. I wish I were there.

My mom lives 4 1/2 hrs away in Cape Girardeau MO (my hometown). She has been in poor health for some time now and lives in an assisted living facility. My brother, Jack, also lives in Cape so he is also at the hospital with Mom.

I talked to Jack. They are doing some testing on Mom. Now I am waiting to hear further details. If necessary I will pack up and go down there.

In the meantime, I am killing time. I could start something (like cleaning) but I feel like I am glued to this chair, in an altered state, awaiting word on Mom.

I have appointed myself the family “town crier” when it comes to Mom’s condition so I have texted everyone to let them know that she is at the hospital. Many of them are praying for her as they have so many times in the last few years. Mom is 86 (will be 87 on Nov 7th). She has chronic health issues as do most people her age.

Anyway, while I am waiting, I decided to blog. I have had just about all the election talk I can stomach on TV. I do hope that many in the US congress will be heading back home to look for jobs come next month.

On a different subject, I can barely wait to go to a warmer climate in January. We have not had any cold weather here yet but already I am dreading it. I am such a wuss when it comes to snow and ice. I would not miss it one bit if it never snowed again in Illinois. But, hey, so far “global warming” has not progressed far enough here. (Oh no, there’s another political subject.) Since global warming has been debunked by factual revelations in the past year, the terminology has been changed to “climate change”.  Whatever it’s called, I need me some warm weather from December until about April.

My brother, Tim, and his wife, Patty, will take me away from this Illinois weather, at least temporarily, in January. We will head for Florida, the Sunshine State, and will stay for an entire month. I look so forward to being with them and to being in a warm climate and missing out on some of that nasty snow and ice. It puts me in the mind of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe where the white witch curses Narnia with it being “always winter, but never Christmas”. I love the part when the curse is broken and the snow starts to melt and the streams begin to flow after having been frozen for so many years.

Well, I still have not gotten an update on Mom and I am feeling increasingly guilty for sitting here doing nothing so I guess I will go do something. Be back later with an update.

Update: Mom is back at the assisted living. She was given medication and is scheduled to see the doctor on Thursday.


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We really surprised Mom yesterday for her 85th. She was so thrilled to see all of us gathered together in the dining room at Auburn Creek in Cape Girardeau, MO. I am still in Cape on a hotel computer so I will have to wait till I get home to post pics. Family members there were:

  • Pat & Tim
  • Mark & Christy
  • Jack & Deb
  • Moi
  • Cousin Donna
  • Cousin Glenda Kay
  • Aunt Bessie
  • My eldest son Kevin and girlfriend Becca
  • George & Deann, Brandon and TJ
  • Derek & Corie, due in February with the only male child to carry on the family name (no pressure Corie 😉 They had picutres of the sonograms!!
  • My good buddy from school days, Patty

We had a lovely decorated cake that Tim swore he baked yeterday morning. Of course we all believed him (NOT). There were flowers and gifts and a room full of laughing, screaming people (as is usual with our get-togethers)

Many thanks to my sis-in-law, Christy, for orchestrating all this.

After the party some of us went on the usual tour of visiting some of the old neighborhoods and going down to the river front and out to Cape Rock. We didn’t make it to Trail of Tears. Maybe next time. There were lots of pictures taken so hopefully we will be seeing more of this beautiful trip.

Gotta go! I found out moments ago that this computer times out after  a certain amount of time ARGHHHH!

Love to all


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We will be taking my daughter back to college tomorrow morning. I am going to miss her so much. She brings me so much joy. She is a junior this year, majoring in Elementary Education. She had been attending Webster University in St Louis MO but is transferring to Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington-Normal. She will only be 35 min. from home now as opposed to 2 1/2 hrs when she was in St Louis. So at least she can come home on weekends very easily.

Rachel has been packing today and I have gone back and forth between handquilting and blogging. I am almost done with the Stars and Stripes Forever.

It is really an easy quilt to make and I am stitching “in the ditch” so there was no marking involved. When I finish with it I will go back to that Jacobs Ladder.

That one is going to take a while to quilt since it will be queen size.

I have been surfing around other quilt blogs and have subscribed to those with RSS Feed. Google Reader makes it very easy and convenient to keep up with my favorite blogs. Speaking of blogs….I love this new WordPress blog. I love the new look and the new features like, for instance, the blog stats. It is fun to see how many people have visited each day and which pages they read. So I think this blog is a keeper.

Well it is getting late and I need to get plenty of rest before the big move tomorrow. I will talk to you later.

Happy quilting 🙂

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