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I just had the most awesome experience:
I was sitting on the back patio, drinking my morning coffee, & singing quietly.
A tiny hummingbird (I think it must have been a very young one) came & sat on the shepherd’s hook just a few feet from me. It sat there for half an hour!
I thank God for sending that little bird. He comforts me in my sorrow & fills my heart with joy.
While I was singing, the tiny bird sat there, motionless except for its little chest as it breathed. When I quit singing, it tilted its head and looked at me. So I started singing again and it turned its head back & continued to sit motionless.
This continued to happen for half an hour! My neighbors may think I’m nuts, singing on the patio at 6 AM, but I am so blessed!
I have been feeding hummingbirds for years and I have never seen one sit still for more than a minute, let alone half an hour!
Jon Franklin​ knows how much I love hummingbirds. I like to think that he asked God to send that little bird.


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