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Please note that the opinions expressed in this post areĀ  not necessarily the opinions of the CI912P

I am an Assistant Organizer for the Central Illinois 9/12 project. The mission and focus of the CI912P is to educate our fellow Americans, our children, neighbors and friends on the principles and values upon which the United States of America was founded. We do this by forming small study groups, mostly in people’s living rooms, for the purpose of studying the Constitution, Declaration of Independence,the lives and writings of the founding fathers, along with the history that most of us did not learn in school. These studies are not boring memorizations of dates and places which put people to sleep. The material we use is documented fact, not “revised” history which is being taught in our schools. Much of the US History that I was taught was unsubstantiated opinion, partial truth, or just plain lies in some cases.

Besides the small study groups, we also have committees which focus on particular subjects, such as Prayer, Education, Constitutional Watchdog activities, Voter information, and more.

OK now I have told you who we are. I need to VERY BLUNTLY now tell you who we ARE NOT!

  1. WE ARE NOT A TEA PARTY. I have said this repeatedly for the last year and a half but, somehow, people don’t get it. I don’t know how to get this point across. But let me try.
  2. WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL ACTION GROUP. We do not endorse candidates period. There are many reasons for this decision which I may write about at another time but not in this post.

The history of the 9/12 Project:

  • In March of 2009, Glenn Beck proposed the 9/12 Project based on the 9 principles and 12 values which are listed on our website here>>>>
  • The mission was to try to go back to the way we, as Americans, acted on 9/12/2001 – the day after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.
  • Glenn made it clear that this was OUR project, not his. He just proposed it, then left it up to individuals to act on it. He does not, in any way, manage the activities of any of the 9/12 Projects which sprung up as a result of his proposal.
  • The Central Illinois 9/12 Project had its beginnings in March 2009 on the same day that Glenn made his announcement on Fox News. There was standing room only in the Route 66 Hotel in Springfield IL that day at 4:00 PM – literally hundreds of people were there, some standing in the hall because we were elbow to elbow.

The history of the Tea Party Movement:

  • A detailed history of exactly what happened and when it happened is documented on Michelle Malkin’s Blog here>>>
  • Probably the most well-known event in the beginning of the movement was Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC on Feb 19, 2009

Please understand that although these movements had their beginnings at approximately the same time, they were in no way connected. I think this is where the confusion comes in. We, in the CI912P, made a decision not to be a protest group even though we certainly don’t agree with many of the actions of our government now or in the past. The Tea Parties are protest groups.

Do we believe that protesting is wrong? No.

Have many of our members (including myself) attended tea party events? Yes.

Do we have goals in common with the Tea Party movement? Yes.

Even though some of our goals are the same as the Tea Party, our method for reaching those goals is totally different. Let me point out some of the differences (besides the protest aspect) : *Disclaimer: I am not a Tea Party member per se so these points are strictly from my own viewpoint.

  • Tea Parties are large gatherings usually on sidewalks or streets, sometimes in large venues.
  • CI912P study group meetings are usually anywhere from 5 – 10 people who meet in people’s homes.
  • Tea Parties often gather in support of a particular political candidate.
  • CI912P never hosts an event for one particular political candidate. We do host events for multiple candidates to interact with us (in a Town Hall-type setting) and answer our questions so that we understand their principles and values (or lack thereof:) Individual members decide which candidate best represents their personal values. Individual members of CI912P may endorse & campaign for the candidate of their choice BUT it is their personal decision and they are not to use our name in that endeavor.
  • Tea Parties tend to try to address the ISSUES (.ie 2nd amendment, taxes, etc.) by petitioning Congress and also by protest.
  • Although the CI912P is also concerned about the issues, that is not our focus. I am not saying that we don’t also call Washington, write letters, etc but our main focus is on EDUCATION not ACTIVISM. We believe that when the American people are educated on the founding principles of this country, they will be able to address the issues in a more effective way.
  • Some of the Tea Party leaders and members seem to me to be motivated by anger.
  • I, personally, have decided not to let anger be my motivation. Determination, yes. Anger, no.

This post is only addressing the CENTRAL ILLINOIS 9/12 PROJECT. There are other 9/12 groups in Illinois and also in other states who have decided to use a different plan than we have used. They want to be very politically active and that is their decision, since the 9/12 groups are not led from the top down but rather from the bottom up. The CI912P does have officers but we submit to each other and come to a consensus on matters where we differ. Anyone can start a 9/12 Group…..this is America and we are glad that we have the freedom to do so. But we are not all the same. Like America, we are a melting pot.

I do not believe that rallies alone will bring our country back to its true heritage. As Glenn Beck often says, we ourselves must change – each one of us needs to examine our own lives and make the changes necessary to be a person of honor, even if others do not. And the key to our success is education. I doubt that I will see the changes needed in my lifetime, but I hope that our children may see it. If we don’t educate them, they will stay in the dark just as we baby-boomers have; and now we see what has quietly but effectively eroded our foundation while we lived our lives thinking everything was going to be just fine. We have been awakened and now we see that our foundation is in ruins. The foundation must be repaired in order to bear the weight of a true republic.

Now, for my last point and actually the most important one. If the Christians in this country do not cry out to God for help and mercy, we are most certainly on our way to the end of freedom as we have known it all our lives. God is our true hope, not earthly government, no matter how honorable and perfectly set up. As a Christian, I do not trust in America to be my Savior. My Savior is Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God. If we fail, even if all is lost, He will not abandon me. I will cling to Him and the truths of the faith and trust that it will be well with my soul.

I believe that our constitution is based on God’s law; therefore, I will work to do my small part to restore what I can. But, come what may, in the end it will be God’s will, not mine, that will be done.

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