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Long Time No Post

I am trying to get back to normal. Well, I have kidney stones. And I  had to go to the ER over  the weekend for IV fluids due to a nasty stomach flu. Tomorrow I go to the urologist to find out what we will do about the kidney stones.

On a happier note, I shipped the royal quilt to West Virginia today. Can’t wait to hear what they think of it. After they see it I will post pictures of the finished quilt on here. I was so in love with that quilt, it was hard to part with it.

My son is going to make me a super-duper website to sell my purses. Of course I will post a link here when it is up and running.

Gotta go to bed. Night night.

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I arrived home Sunday night to the deep freeze that is Lincoln, Illinois. Got unpacked – went straight to bed.

Monday – spent the day going grocery shopping since I had, of course, let all the food run out before I left. Also had a tall stack of mail to go through and bills to pay. Still not over this infection so I was not operating at my normal slow pace….I was carrying groceries in the freezing wind and grunting all the way. And driving with 2 layers of clothes, a heavy coat, giant scarf, ear muffs and gloves is a real trick for me since I have very little sensation anyway because of the MS. You know how when backing up your vehicle you must turn your head and look behind you? I have to turn my entire upper body because of the many layers around my neck….and did I mention that my neck hurts? In fact now that I am back to being partially frozen there aren’t very many parts of my body that don’t hurt. Woe is me!

Tuesday – travelled to Peoria IL (an hour away) to see my urologist since I have had this infection since the 3rd of January and been through 2 antibiotics so far. Seems I have a bacteria that is normally contracted in nursing homes or hospitals. I haven’t been in either lately. The only other possibility is kidney stones. So now I have to go back Wednesday for a CT scan of my kidneys. While at the doctor’s office, they gave me a shot of some super-duper antibiotic. YAY! Oh, forgot to mention that my refrigerator went on the fritz this am, with all my groceries for the month of February in it! But, Tom the maintenance man saved the day and fixed it while I was in Peoria. Bless that man.

Today, Wednesday – finally blogging but not for long. It is almost 10:00 and I have to leave for Peoria again to get that CT scan. Temp was 5 this morning. Brrrrrrrr!! It is supposed to get up to freezing tomorrow I think. It will feel like a heat wave 😉

Will eventually post pictures of our trip – I didn’t take too many – mostly took pictures of the quilts my sister-in-law and I were working on.

Love you all,


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