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On the Way Back Home

We packed up at 8:30 this morning and left Orlando. I am posting from a Country Inn at Manchester TN. We will spend the night here then travel to Charleston IL tomorrow. I will be going back to Lincoln on Sunday.

I am really tired so g’night.

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You know who you are…leaving me all those “shut up” comments :0

You can calm down now….we only have 2 more days of getting out in this glorious sun. Friday is check-out day. We will be travelling Friday and Saturday. Back to the bone-freezing mid-west. I will probably be back in Lincoln on Sunday sometime.

I am trying to figure out a way to stay here but all the ways I have thought of require money, which I have little of. So, I guess there’s no choice since I can’t be gainfully employed with my health issues.

Seriously, I do love it here, but I NEED to get back to my church. I miss everyone so much and I especially am in need of the eucharist….the medicine of immortality. And I ache to participate in the worship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with my brothers and sisters at Holy Resurrection Church in Lincoln, IL. (maybe I can talk all of them into moving South…..I doubt it )

The baby quilt I am working on is almost all quilted! It is so beautiful. I have probably told you that before maybe a few hundred times. It should be complete by the time I get back to Lincoln. I will have to sew on the binding after I get home since it is best to use the sewing machine for that. Which brings me to another thing I am looking forward to at home….my Featherweight sewing machine. Is it a sin to miss your sewing machine? If so, then I am guilty.

That brings to mind something else I miss—my OWN COMPUTER! It will be so nice to be able to sit down and blog or email or surf without having to drag the computer to a club house to get a signal, then wait about 10 minutes trying to bring up a browser. It causes one to hesitate to even bother. The troubles of the travelling blogger are many, including forgetting the cord to upload pictures of the paradise I am sitting in. But I will endure 😉

Well, I need to get back to the condo, get into my swimming suit and get in that pool……EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT you nay sayers…..you know who you are! See you soon in the tundra!

Love you all,


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I am at the Marriott’s Grande Vista….the courtyard where I am sitting is so gorgeous. I will take a picture but can’t upload it till I get back home to my PC, left my USB cord at home##. There is a huge fountain and very tall palm trees.
The courtyard is stone tiled, lots of wrought iron umbrella tables and chairs, balconies going up several floors. The sun is shining and it is very warm today. The doctor had to put me on yet another antibiotic with the “avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight clause” *&#$%% so I am sitting in the shade ;( I’m sure you are crying buckets of tears for me….boo-hoo

We are having a wonderful time here. Wish I could take the tropical climate home with me. I feel so good when I am here. The warmth seems to alleviate my pain even though most people with MS say that the heat intensifies their pain. I always have been backwards.

Love you all,

Only 5 more days of this paradise,


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Hi from Orlando!

I have been travelling with Tim and Patty since the 5th of January. Presently we are at the Polynesian Isle resort in Kissimmee Florida. We plan to stay here till the 30th. Of course it is breathtakingly beautiful here…our condo is situated on a small pond with a fountain, lots of beautiful vegetation and palm trees, and birds. I have been working on a baby quilt for my buddy Jill. It is turning out so beautiful. I will post pictures when I get home to my computer.

I haven’t been posting because we have had issues with wireless connections along the way. 😦

It is kind of chilly here today—mid 50s. Back home that would be considered a heat wave. I am not complaining. I haven’t been able to soak up any sun anyway because of the medication I was put on for a urinary tract infection just before we left for Florida—“avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight” BUMMER!

I am posting from the club house at Marriott’s Royal Palms Resort. Barack Obama is making his inaugural speech right now on the TV here.

I will be in touch when I can get a wireless connection.

Love to all,


P.S. For those buried in snow, don’t hate me cause I’m warm 😉

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